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Priyanka Gandhi attacks BJP, says it betrays people

Priyanka Gandhi


Guwahati: All India Congress Committee in-charge of east Uttar Pradesh Priyanka Gandhi attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led NDA government at the Centre saying that it had betrayed the faith of the people who had voted the party to power.

Gandhi alleged that all that had been done in the last five years by the NDA government is to divide the country. She said, “This is my country, these hills are my country, the wheat fields in Uttar Pradesh are my country. Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Northeast are all my country. But all that BJP has done in the last five years is just to divide the nation.”

She further alleged that five years ago a government came to power that was voted with majority. She said that the people of the country with all their wisdom rested their faith upon them but the BJP led government began to betray the faith of the people once they came into power.

Priyanka said that the BJP had promised the farmers that they will double their income and also assured the youngsters that two crore jobs will be created but nothing has come into force after they came into power.

Gandhi while alleging that the BJP began to believe that power belonged to them and not with the people, she said that the first indication to that belief was when its President said the promise of Rs. 15 lakh was for the sake of the election.

Priyanka Gandhi was campaigning in Kerala for her brother Rahul Gandhi who will contest from Kerala’s Wayanad and said that the Congress President believes with all his heart in democracy and freedom of expression in language and culture.