Pro talk ULFA leader Jiten Dutta take to streets to protest against Bill, Blocks NH 37 for hours

Jiten Dutta

Makum: Massive protest staged by pro-talk ULFA leader Jiten Dutta along with various other organisations and local people against the proposed Citizenship Bill at Rajnikanth Bordoloi playground in Makum on Saturday.

The protesters later took to the street to protest against the bill blocking National Highway -37 for several hours.

The protesters chanted several slogans against the BJP led Government for proposing the Citizenship Bill.

Speaking to the media, Jiten Dutta warned the Government of India and Assam for a widespread protest until Government comes out to scrap the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016.

Addressing the large crowd, Jiten Dutta further stated that there are people in the state who are trying to communalize the sentiments of the people of Assam. “I urge you all to remain conscious, as people like the founder President of All Cachar Karimganj Hailakandi Students Association (ACKHSA), Pradip Dutta Roy are trying to divide Assam with their heated and provoking statements. Such kind of situation would turn Assam into Tripura state very soon,” said Dutta.