Rabha Hasong Joint Movement Committee, Congress finalize candidates

Himanta Biswa Sarma

A Correspondent

Boko: Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) and Rabha Hasong Joint Movement Committee have finalized their candidates for the forthcoming Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council, which will be held on January 21, 2019 in the Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council area in Kamrup and Goalpara.

There are total 36 constituencies in the Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council area with 20 constituencies in Goalpara district and 20 constituencies in Kamrup district. The candidates from Rabha Hasong Joint Movement Committee are Mallika Banikya from Dhupdhara constituency, Phanindra Rabha from Dhonubhanga constituency, Sahadev Rabha from Rangjuli constituency, Hitesh Rabha Patgiri from Kushdhowa Darranggri constituency, Tapash Kumar Dey from North Dudhnai constituency, Tankeswar Rabha from South Dudhnai constituency, Divanitha Marak from Bandarshi constituency, Prabadh Kalita from Majjakhili Constituency, Alaka Rabha from Salpara constituency, Tarun Chandra Rabha from Habraghat constituency, Charumohan Rabha from Dirmajakhili constituency, Karneswar Rabha from Pub Ajagar constituency, Deban Momin from Jinari constituency, Harish Ch. Rabha from Dwarka constituency, Ashok Rabha from Bordamal Kalyanpur constituency, Jonali Rabha from Dariduri constituency, Jyotika Rabha from Dodan constituency, Madhuram Rabha from Jayramkuchi constituency, Panchami Rabha from Jarihat constituency, Kalporam Rabha from Bondapara constituency, Nagarmal Swargiyari from Khalihakoth constituency, Frylin R. marak from Luki constituency, Sonaram Rabha from Hahim constituency, Arjun Chetry from Jongakhuli constituency, Sumit Rabha from Boko constituency, Aditya Rabha from Uttar Bongaon constituency, Minati Boro from Dakhin Bongaon constituency, Uddhab Rabha from Gobordhan constituency, Ramakanta Rabha from Pantan constituency, Dilip Kumar Rabha from Kulshi constituency, Nripen Rabha from Chandubi constituency, Rashmi Rabha from Silpota constituency and Sanjay Kumar Rabha from Rani constituency.
On the other hand, due to the alliance between Rabha Hasong Joint Movement Committee and BJP government, in the three constituencies of RHAC area BJP will contest and the candidates are Sakuntola Medhi from Kothakothi constituency, Mahesh Kalita from Bamunigaon constituency and Sushitra Nath from Agia constituency.

On the other hand, the Congress s also finalized their candidates and they are Rumi Begum from Dhupdhara, Maijani Rabha from Kothakuthi, Gauri Kanta Rabha from Dhanubhanga, Krishna Kanta Rabha from Rangjuli, Ananta Boro from Kushdhowa Darranggri, Thuleswar Kachari from North Dudhnai, Sarbesh Rabha from South Dudhnai, Nasha K Sangma from Bandarshi, Arobinda Ray from Majjakilli, Rumpa Rabha from Salpara, Merittila K Marak from Habraghat, Babul Rabha from Dhimajakhili, Hemolata Rabha from Pub Ajagar, Meryland D. Sangma from Jinari, Karabi Das from Agia, Agne Marak from Dwarka, Mithu Rabha from Bardamal Kalyanpur, Tarabala Rabha from Dariduri, Benudhar Rabha from Dodan, Mohendra Rabha from Joyramkuchi, Mira Khakhlary from Jarihat, Kartik Rabha from Bondapara, Bhoglal Rabha from Khalihakoth, Rajiv Rabha from Luki, Hareswar Boro from Hahim, Jonson Sangma from Jungakhuli, Biren Totla from Boko, Prasanta Boro from Uttar Bongaon, Kakila Sangma from Dakhin Bongaon, Pranab Kalita from Bamunigaon, Balen Kalita from Gobardhar, Nishikanta Rabha from Pantan, Pradip Rabha from Kulshi, Pabitra Rabha from Chandubi, Pranab Kr. Rabha from Silpota and Dharmeswar Boro from Rani constituency.

Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup Sadar, Kamal Kumar Baishaya said that they were preparing for the council election in Kamrup Sadar area where 1,66,396 voters would cast their votes in 216 voting centres. Total 1,128 polling and presiding officers will be involved in the election. Total 44 nomination papers were submitted till the last date of submission. The final list of the council election will release on January 14, 2019.

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