Self-employment can solve joblessness: MLA of South Shillong Sanbor Shullai

A Reporter

SHILLONG, July 27: As local youths in the State are finding it hard to obtain a government job, the local MLA of South Shillong constituency, Sanbor Shullai has taken an the initiative to invite various government departments, including banks to discuss this issue, especially concerning the different self-employment schemes of the government.

The meeting was held at the Assembly Hostel, Shillong on Friday which was also attended by officials from around 28 departments and banks.
Shullai said, “It is very difficult to obtain a government job in the present day and this is not just the problem of a state or national problem. However, this a problem encountered by various other countries in the world.”

Informing that there are various self-employment schemes in deferent government departments, he said, “There are many schemes in these departments which can help the unemployed of the State. However, these schemes are not being advertised or brought to the notice of the local people hence there is a lack of knowledge about these self employment schemes.”

When asked, he said that during the meeting the different departments have been directed to furnish the guidelines and funds available for the various self-employment schemes and other schemes within a week.

“The departments will soon furnish the guidelines on how to apply for these various schemes and only then we will be able to take things forward by creating awareness in different towns and ask the dorbars to inform the public, especially those unemployed about the existence of these self-employment schemes,” he said.

He said that most of these departments have been allotted a provision of funds for advertisement to inform the general public about the various schemes through outdoor publicity tools, however no such initiative has been carried out.

“Our state is very small. However, the population is increasing every year and the number of educated youths are also increasing, hence immediate steps need to be taken to address the issue of unemployment. One of these steps in doing so is through self-employment schemes,” Shullai said.