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Self-Styled Area Commander of NSCN-IM arrested in killing of MLA Tirong Aboh in Arunachal



Sonari: In a major breakthrough, Indian Army along with Assam Rifles and Assam police force arrested the self styled major Annok Wangsa (Area Commander) of the militant faction NSCN-IM on July 14, 2019 who was allegedly involved in killing of the then National People’s Party (NPP) MLA Tirong Aboh of Khonsa West and 10 others on May 21, 2019.

Addressing a press conference, the Assam Rifles, PRO informed the media that based on specific information, a joint operation was conducted by the Indian Army, Assam Rifles and Assam Police on Sunday resulting in arrest of self-styled major Annak Wangsa, the area commander of NSCN-IM.

The operation was launched in the early hours of July 14 which involved designated area and laying of ambushes on suspected routes to intercept movement of the cadre. At around 3.30 pm one of the team intercepted a vehicle which was moving on Namtola-Yampan Axis and immediately identified and apprehended the individual, stated the PRO.

During the search operation, Wangsa disclosed that he had hidden more weapons, ammunition and war like stores in his residence located near Assam-Nagaland border.

Recovery of Huge Cache of Arms

The teams accordingly carried out a detailed search at his residence, thus, resulting in recovery of huge cache of arms, ammunition and war-like stores including one AK-56 Rifle, pistols, two HE36 hand grenade, assorted magazines and rounds, 11 electronic detonators, one Improvised Explosive Device and cash amounting more than Rs. 5 lakh.

Army Rifles PRO also informed that the apprehended individual is the deputy of the self-styled Major General Absolom Tangkhul of NSCN (IM) who was allegedly involved in the killing of Arunachal MLA for National People’s Party (NPP) Tirong Aboh and 10 others earlier in the month of May.

The PRO also mentioned that the militant faction NSCN(IM) has been constantly threatening the local population and demanding money from them, exposing the total contempt of Ceasefire Ground Rules by NSCN (IM).

“NSCN (IM) while conveniently disowning its own cadre, who was apprehended recently in Manipur, denied any wrong doings and had taken a moral high ground. But today we have another glaring example of its duplicity,” adding, “The cadres of the militant faction is in total contempt of ceasefire ground rules and are moving around outside their designated camps intimidating the businesses, traders, contractors and continued to collect unauthorized money for personal gains of few, the group has also tried to disrupt peace and tranquility in the neighbouring districts of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh,” said the PRO further.

It is to be noted that the arrest of the Area Commander NSCN (IM) was welcomed by the local people in Mon District of Nagaland, Londing of Arunachal Pradesh and Charaideo of Assam.

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