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Several Crorepatis in the Newly elected Mizoram MLAs


Guwahati: A study made on the wealth possessed by the newly elected MLAs in Mizoram after the election results are out on December 11, it has come to light that 36, out of 40 new MLAs have properties worth crores. The new MLAs asset worth has even risen from an average Rs 3 crore to nearly Rs 5 crore.

Along with the whopping amount of wealth possessed by the new MLAs, this has also come to notice that of the 40 new MLAs in Mizoram, there is not a single woman in the brigade. All freshly elected MLAs are men only.

As the majority of the MLAs elected in the Mizoram Assembly elections are from the political party Mizo National Front, hence, this is just very clear that most of the crorepati MLAs belong to the party only. Proving that speculation true, it can be seen that a maximum number of 22 crorepati MLAs are from MNF. Notably, MNF had won the majority winning in 26 seats in Mizoram. A report of the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) states this.

Other crorepatis to join the brigade includes 5 from Congress, 8 independent MLAs and 1 BJP legislator. This is to note that each such MLA has an asset that values more than Rs one crore. In fact, there are 9 such MLAs in the new assembly team whose asset value is more than Rs 5 crore. With this, the average asset of the 26 MLAs from MNF at Rs 4.97 crores and of the 5 winning candidates from Congress at Rs 5.13 crrore.

In contrary to the 36 crorepatis found in the newly elected MLAs, there were 30 crorepati legislators in the outgoing assembly.

The report says, “The average of assets per MLA in the Mizoram 2018 assembly elections is Rs 4.84 crores. In 2013, the average assets per MLA were Rs 3.10 crore.”

The average asset for the eight independent MLAs is Rs 4.39 crores, while the lone BJP MLA has declared assets worth Rs 3.31 crores.


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