Shira campaigns in Ampati

SHILLONG, May 21: Miani Dalbot Shira, the Congress candidate for the Ampati by-poll and daughter of former Meghalaya Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma, while campaigning for the Ampati constituency on Monday said her father’s relationship with the people of the constituency, which he has been nursing since 1993, is beyond the power of money.

“My father has built a relationship with the people of Ampati which is beyond the power of money. So, if the opposition is thinking that they will buy off the people of Ampati, they should know that they are fighting a losing battle,” Miani said.

Speaking to the media during her campaign, she also took the opportunity to ask those MLAs who are camping and criticizing her father day in and out in Ampati for the works he had done. “I say charity begins at home. Why don’t they first develop their own constituencies? Only after that they should have the moral right to give lecture to the electorate of Ampati” she added.

Miani also said that the Ampati constituency had become an attraction for the BJP-NPP combine simply because her father had done so much for the people and the place.

According to her, Ampati has the best of roads.
Miani also questioned on the opponent’s assurance for changes to the people of Ampati.

“Ampati has changed from an underdeveloped to a developing constituency. This was possible only because of my father’s mission and vision to develop Ampati as well as to give the best to the people of Ampati” she said.

Meanwhile, Miani also added that under the guidance of Dr Sangma she would be able to lead the people in the right direction.
She said she has never subscribed to the views of communal politics, which divide people in terms of religion, caste etc.