Social organisations of Meghalaya writes to PM Narendra Modi on Amendment Bill 2015

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

A Correspondent

Shillong, July 31: Social organisations of Meghalaya have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi pointing out that the paragraph 3(b) 2A (1) of the Amendment Bill 2015 pertaining to the insertion of Village Council and Municipal Council in the Sixth Schedule is legally not viable. They recently called for a deliberation seeking for a permanent settlement on the long pending issue in so far as the Amendment and the status of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India is concerned.

The “Ka KynhunNongtrei Mon Sngewbha” (KKNMS) and the “Social Organisations of Meghalaya Against Land Alienation” (SOMALA), which is a conglomeration and an umbrella of various social organisations in Meghalaya stated that such insertion upset the administration of the land tenure system of the State of Meghalaya where the land belongs to the people and not to the Government. The social organisations pointed out that in Khasi Hills many clans own land and they may sell their plots of land and issue “Patta” to the tenants.

In the matter of community land the ‘Syiem Raij’ issues ‘Dulir’ or ‘Patta’ to recognise the ownership of the individual occupying the community land.
The social organisations pointed out that the 25 Khasi States were brought within the Dominion of India by means of the Instrument of Accession and Standstill Agreement.