States should decide on Citizenship Amendment Bill: Meghalaya Health Minister Alexander Hek

Citizenship Amendment Bill


A Reporter

SHILLONG: Meghalaya Health Minister Alexander Laloo Hek, who is also a BJP leader, said that the discretion to implement the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) should be left to the respective States if the BJP is determined to pass the bill in both the Houses of the Parliament in the near future.

“It should be left to the States to implement the CAB if the BJP is committed to pass the bill,” Hek said.
He said that the States should decide whether they would like to implement the CAB or not.

Admitting that the CAB issue did build up pressure for the BJP in the run-up to the Lok Sabha polls and Selsella bypoll in the State, Hek said, “ I won’t deny the pressure but in spite of all this, people are in favour of the BJP”.

“We have been working hard and wherever we go, we get positive response. I hope we will get to enjoy the victory,” he added.

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