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Tram can Ease Traffic Jam in Shillong: Adelbert Nongrum

Adelbert Nongrum


SHILLONG: MLA of North Shillong Constituency, Adelbert Nongrum has suggested that the State government should introduce a tram system of communication in Shillong with an aim to ease traffic congestion which is rising every year. In this connection, the MLA also met Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma. Traffic congestion has been causing inconvenience to the commuters, especially during the rush hours.

“The Chief Minister has expressed that the government will examine the suggestion thoroughly before any decision is taken,” Nongrom told The Sentinel.

He also conveyed to the Chief Minister the need to widen the roads in the capital city and to also create more new roads to ease the traffic congestion. On the need to construct more parking lots, he said, “The government should demolish the existing SDSEO office at Mawkhar and instead construct a multi-complex with parking space for vehicles to ease the traffic congestion at Motphran. The government should also construct a new parking lot at Them Metor once the residents of that area are relocated.”

The MLA also suggested that the government should increase ‘No Parking Zones’, ‘No Parking Areas’ and ‘No Entry Zones’.

“There is a need for the government to set a time period for transporter vehicles like trucks to enter the capital city,” he said, adding that the government should take immediate action as the ‘National Games 2020’ is also slated to be held in the hill State.

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