UDP urges DC to check price rise

A Reporter
SHILLONG, June 8: The Executive Committee of the United Democratic Party (UDP) Shillong city on Friday urged the Deputy Commissioner East Khasi Hills district to keep a check on the increase of prices of food commodities in the local markets.

Speaking to reporters at the residents of UDP president Donkupar Roy, Manbha Syiemlieh, secretary UDP youth wing, Shillong city, said, “There are some shop owners who are taking advantage of the curfew by increasing the prises of food commodities and this has greatly hit the consumers.”

He also informed that they will soon meet the Deputy Commissioner to discuss on this issue.

“We have received complaints from the consumers on the hike in prices of food commodities and soon we will meet the DC to request him to check this increase in price by the shop owners so that the people especially those coming from poor families are not hit,” he said.

“We also urge the public not to spread false rumours concerning the current issue pertaining to Sweepers’ Lane,” he said.

He added, “We need to remove this present problem which has gripped the city for the past many days as many students have suffered as exams are approaching and also those who are applying for new admissions.”
Syiemlieh said that they will be able to understand the law and order situation in the city better once they meet the Deputy Commissioner and hence requested him to withdraw the curfew as it has affected the people.

Meanwhile, Alwyn Swer president UDP Shillong city said, “We have decided to support the government in constituting the High Level Committee which aims to finds ways and means to resolve this issue.”

The UDP youth wing also suggested that intellectual from the state should also make suggestions to the High Level Committee on the issue.
“This issue did not crop up in a day or two, but this issue has been there for the past many years. We anticipate that the decision which will come out from the High Level Committee will be fruitful,” he said.

The president also urged the people of the state to be patient and give time to the state government to deliberate and study the issue through the High Level Committee before it comes out with a decision.
Pointing out that the government is only three months old, Swer urged the local youths to give time to the government to find a proper and permanent solution on this issue.