United Democratic Party to Apprise Partners on NRC Exercise in Meghalaya



SHILLONG: The Central Executive Committee of the United Democratic Party (UDP) on Tuesday has decided to take up the issue of NRC with all the partners who are with the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA).

“We are in the government so we want to apprise all our partners to take a call on the issue of NRC because we feel that it should not only be that only pressure groups or interest groups or even youth wings of different political to take up this matter,” Jemino Mawthoh told reporters on Tuesday.
“This is a serious matter and we are also apprehensive about the fallout of the NRC in Assam hence we feel there should be some safeguard and mechanism in the State of Meghalaya,” he said.

He informed that a small committee of the party have also been constituted to study and examine the matter concerning the influx of illegal immigrants and the entering of dubious voters in the electoral roll. “We will try to delft deeper into the matter because there are many social and political implications here and after the committee sites for discussions then only we can send a proposal to the government,” he said.

He informed that earlier, the UDP youth Wing had also met the Deputy Chief Minister to discus on this matter (NRC) and had apprise him on the gravity of the situation and the urgency for the State government to take up a call on this issue. He said it is not just the UDP which has taken up this matter however other prominent NGOs in the state has also requested the government to conduct a similar exercise like the one conducted by the Assam government.