Youth Against Social Evils (YASE) calls for revival of Chencoorie tea garden in Silchar

tea garden

Our Correspondent

Silchar, July 26: Owing to serious mismanagement and mass anomalies by the authorities of Chencoorie tea garden, which was started by Cachar Tea Farming and Industrial Cooperative Society Ltd. and registered under the Department of Cooperative Society Ltd which was headed by the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar as its chairman, the tea production and cultivation has been totally closed for a long period and till date no steps have been taken for restoration of cultivation and production of tea.

As a result of which, the Cooperative Society Ltd. was liquidated dissolution of the said Cooperative Society.
In this regard, Youth Against Social Evils (YASE) has written to the President of India on Monday. They have mentioned in the letter the government of Assam vide letter No. RSSS573/94/25 dated March 26, 2001, issued by the Revenue Department, had called a tender for alienation of the land of tea garden measuring 9500 bighas. But ultimately a tender was cancelled for the reason best known to the authority concerned. Thereafter a writ petition was filed by Sustrita Holding Pvt. Ltd, before Gauhati High Court (C) No. 1928/2007.

Simultaneously, a number of writ petitions were filed and writ appeal was preferred by the government against the order dated August 6, 2010. Writ petition No. 4147/2010 was passed but the same was dismissed by the Supreme Court with a direction to Assam government to issue a fresh notice of tender for selling/alienating the land with further direction that the notice would be made available on the government website, local and national newspapers so as to encourage and invite more bidders vide judgment dated April 23, 2014. Yet, no steps have been taken in this matter.

They have mentioned if steps are not taken to resuscitate the tea garden within August 14, 2018, then YASE along with other organizations of Barak Valley and tea garden workers of Chencoorie tea estate will sit for an indefinite hunger strike on Independence Day itself from 11 am. It has been stated in the letter that the Supreme Court has directed to develop the land of the tea garden, but the authorities of the Revenue Department are issuing ‘Khatians’ in respect of the land of the tea estate to those who have encroached upon or grabbed the lands of the tea garden by taking undue advantage of the liquidation of the garden.

It is clear that the authorities of the Revenue Department are violating the order of the Apex Court. In addition, ten thousand tea garden workers and their dependents lost their jobs for liquidation of the tea estate. Moreover, about 100 workers have lost their lives without getting any gratuity and provident funds. No action has been taken for payment of benefits. It is, as stated by YASE, is a gross violation of human rights as well as the principles of natural justice.