Zubeen Garg makes his own song to protest the Citizenship Bill

Zubeen Garg


Guwahati: Popular Assamese singer, the heartthrob of the youngsters Zubeen Garg, in his recent outbreak against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, has taken to sing his heart and rebel out. In a momentum of protesting against the Bill, the singer, in a recent public gathering, tuned in a rebellious song wherein he expressed how disgusted he feels at the latest irresponsible behaviours of the government, particularly the Chief Minister of Assam Sarbananda Sonowal.

Notably, a few days before this, he had even written an open letter to the Chief Minister of Assam wherein he asked the CM not to implement the bill in Assam. He also warned that if the government does not pay heed to his request then there will be dire consequences and strong protests by him.

Moreover, Garg had also said that he will return the money that he received from the government for singing their election campaign song praising the new CM Sarbananda Sonowal. The song sung by him entitles Sokolure Ananda Sarbananda, (Sarbananda: everyone’s happiness) that was used as BJP Assam’s official campaign song. Garg now says that he is “ready to refund the remuneration”, but also asks the government, “Can I get the votes back that you earned using my voice in 2016?”

As threatened by him, Zubeen has now opted for protesting against the government and have also encouraged the masses of the state to strike a voice against the Bill.

As the lyrics of the song states,

“Politics nokoriba bondhu

Dubela dukhaj bhat khuji khuji khau

Politics nokoriba bondhu

Jaatir maatir gaan gungunau

Politics nokoriba bondhu..”

(Don’t do politics with us, hey friend

We are struggling to lead a life here

Don’t do politics with us, hey friend

We love singing for our land and men

Don’t do politics with us, hey friend)

Although, so far, Zubeen is seen being vocal against the Bill and taking help of a peaceful way of marking his protest; but chances of him being rebellious and opting for other ways to demonstrate his anger too cannot be denied at one go. Just as the people of the land loves him, Zubeen in return too shows it in his acts as to how much more love he has for his land and its people.


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