Itanagar: Tragic Rabies Incidents Spark Urgent Calls for Pet Vaccination

Recent cases of rabies deaths in Itanagar and Ghaziabad highlight the importance of pet vaccination and timely medical intervention after dog bites.
Itanagar: Tragic Rabies Incidents Spark Urgent Calls for Pet Vaccination

ITANAGAR: In a distressing incident, a teenager in Itanagar tragically lost his life due to rabies after being bitten by a dog. This heartbreaking incident has once again brought to the forefront the critical importance of rabies vaccinations for both pets and humans. The district administration responded swiftly by issuing an advisory, urging pet owners to ensure their animals are vaccinated against rabies, as this preventable disease continues to claim lives.

Nyaro Rusing, a student at Don Bosco College in Jullang, met a tragic fate when he succumbed to rabies. The disease, which is invariably fatal once symptoms manifest, claimed his life on a Thursday. He had been admitted to the Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Sciences with evident symptoms of rabies, but despite medical intervention, his family chose to take him home to perform religious rituals. Sadly, he passed away at his residence later that evening.

Rabies is an incredibly deadly viral disease, making it imperative for individuals to take immediate action following a dog bite. The only means of protection in such cases is to receive anti-rabies vaccination promptly. Dr. Lobsang Jampa, the State Surveillance Officer, stressed the gravity of the situation, emphasizing that rabies is fatal and that individuals must seek medical attention and anti-rabies vaccination without delay following a dog bite.

The incident leading to Nyaro Rusing's tragic death occurred in July when he was bitten on the right palm by a two-year-old dog. Regrettably, neither Rusing nor the dog received any form of rabies vaccination. The situation was further compounded when the dog that bit Rusing also died a few days later, potentially increasing the risk of rabies transmission.

In response to this heart-wrenching incident, Capital Deputy Commissioner Talo Potom issued a crucial advisory. He called upon all pet owners to prioritize their pets' safety and get them vaccinated against rabies promptly. Furthermore, he directed assistant commissioners, circle officers, and veterinary officers to ensure the vaccination of all stray dogs in the region, thus mitigating the risk of further rabies outbreaks.

Tragically, this incident in Itanagar is not an isolated case. Earlier this month, a 14-year-old boy in Ghaziabad, India, also fell victim to rabies after concealing a dog bite from his parents. The young student, bitten by his neighbor's dog over a month prior, chose to hide the incident out of fear. His life took a devastating turn when he contracted rabies, leading to erratic behavior and refusal to eat. On September 1st, he finally revealed the truth to his family members, stating that he had been bitten by their neighbor's dog.

This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder that rabies is a relentless threat that can manifest with devastating consequences if not addressed promptly. Rabies is a preventable disease, and immediate action through vaccination can save both human and animal lives.

These tragic incidents in Itanagar and Ghaziabad serve as a solemn reminder of the crucial importance of rabies vaccination for both dogs and humans. The loss of young lives underscores the urgency of raising awareness about this preventable disease. It is imperative for pet owners to ensure their animals receive regular rabies vaccinations, and individuals must seek immediate medical attention and vaccination following a dog bite. Only through a collective effort can we prevent such heartbreaking incidents and protect both human and animal lives from the scourge of rabies.


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