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Meghalaya College Teachers' & NEHU Teachers' Associations appeal to delay NEP 2020

Meghalaya College Teachers' Association and NEHU Teachers' Association appeal to delay NEP 2020, citing concerns about approval, quality, and cost.

Meghalaya College Teachers & NEHU Teachers Associations appeal to delay NEP 2020

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SHILLONG: In a joint effort, the Meghalaya College Teachers' Association (MCTA) and the North-Eastern Hill University Teachers' Association (NEHUTA) are urging the Vice-Chancellor of North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) to reconsider the premature implementation of the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020). This appeal comes amid concerns regarding the lack of approval from the Academic Council of NEHU, the ambiguity surrounding assessment methods and pedagogy, and potential repercussions on the quality of education.

One of the primary concerns raised by these two associations is the absence of formal approval from the Academic Council of NEHU for the implementation of NEP 2020. They argue that any significant changes in the educational framework should undergo rigorous scrutiny and discussion within academic institutions to ensure that they align with the university's goals and standards.

Additionally, MCTA and NEHUTA have expressed reservations about the ambiguity surrounding the assessment methods and pedagogical approaches proposed under NEP 2020. They stress the importance of clear guidelines and a well-defined framework to maintain the quality of education. Ambiguities in these areas could lead to confusion among educators and hinder the learning experience for students.

Furthermore, the associations highlight the potential impact on the quality of education if NEP 2020 is prematurely implemented. They argue that hasty implementation without thorough evaluation could jeopardize the educational standards and harm the overall learning experience for students.

To address these concerns, MCTA and NEHUTA have assured students and parents that the existing educational framework will remain robust and valid if NEP 2020 is not implemented in Meghalaya in 2023. Under this framework, students will continue to receive their education through the established 3-year undergraduate program, and admission to postgraduate programs will still be based on the Common University Entrance Test (CUET).

Moreover, the associations express their apprehension about the potential increase in the cost of education under NEP 2020. They believe that this could negatively impact parents, particularly those from lower-income groups. It is crucial to assess the financial implications of implementing the policy thoroughly and ensure that it does not place an undue burden on students and their families.

MCTA and NEHUTA are appealing to the Vice-Chancellor of NEHU to delay the implementation of NEP 2020 until it has been properly vetted, and all stakeholders have had a chance to prepare. They stress the importance of involving academic institutions, educators, and parents in the decision-making process to ensure that any changes in the educational landscape are well-informed and align with the interests of students and the broader community. This call for caution reflects their commitment to maintaining the quality and accessibility of education in Meghalaya.

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