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Tomo Riba Institute of Health Medical Science ICU to function soon

Tomo Riba Institute of Health Medical Science

Our Correspondent

Itanagar: The Tomo Riba Institute of Health Medical Science (TRIHMS), the first medical college in the state, will make its 25-beded intensive care unit (ICU) functional soon as decided in a meeting chaired by its director Dr Moji Jini here.

Dr Jini underscored the importance of ICU, also known as an intensive therapy unit or intensive treatment unit (ITU) or critical care unit (CCU), as a special department of a hospital or health care facility that provides intensive treatment to patients with life-threatening illnesses and injuries, while having threadbare discussion with TRIHMS chief medical superintendent Dr Hage Ambing, his deputy Dr Taw Kaki, cardiology assistant Prof Dr Megaji Rinjin and matron Tun Tun Taikam.

Pointing out that initially the ICU will have five beds but a physician and two nurses should remain on duty round-the-clock, Dr Jini said that any critically ill patients admitted would require constant care, close supervision of life support equipment and medication to ensure normal body functions.

Though all sophisticated equipments have been in place but the TRIHMS has acute shortage of nurses. However, many nurses being transferred here from various parts of the state would ensure making the ICU functional, he said.

The ICU will be made a separate department later, he said, adding the doctors of any hospital have sole responsibility of the patients not only in medication but also constant monitoring of health status of such critical patients.

Hundreds of patients approaching regularly for treatment while 163 indoor patients are in hospital now for which ICU will be boon, said Dr Ambing while Dr Rinjin said three nurses will be required.

Insisting on proper use of medicines, surgical items and other allied medical products which have been made available due to constant support of the state government, Dr Jini said and called upon all staff to avoid any wastage besides ensuing cleanliness of the hospital campus.

The formal engagement of 30 sanitary staffs since August 2 last though less but should bring a difference in cleanliness of the campus, Dr Jini added.

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