Around 50 Dogs Rescued From Numaligarh in Assam

A large number of people consider dogs to be the best pets.
Around 50 Dogs Rescued From Numaligarh in Assam

NUMALIGARH: Around 50 dogs were recovered on the morning of November 30 after unknown miscreants had dropped them on the roadside in the Numaligargh region of the Golaghat district of Assam.

According to reports, these animals were all put inside sacks so that they could not move when local people discovered them Also their mouths were tied up so that they could not make any noise or injury during trasportation. While some of the animals were reported to be injured, almost all of them were found to be very hungry when they were recovered.

Local people mentioned that these animals were kidnapped from different parts of Assam and smuggled to the neighbouring Nagaland. They also mentioned that many of the dogs died of suffocation as well as hunger.

Dimapur is the nearest major commercial point in the state of Nagaland near the Numaligarh town of Assam. And it is believed that the dogs were on the way to Dimapur before they were dumped there. The animal is considered a delicacy by some of the tribes in the state of Nagaland and fetches a good price among proper customers.

As per speculations, these dogs were being smuggled to Dimapur when the miscreants were either discovered or came to know about the probability of such an incident. So in order to escape prosecution, they dumped the poor animals in the roadside near the local tea garden. Luckily local people came across them and reported the local authorities, who coordinated the rescue efforts.

The state government of Nagaland had passed an ordinance banning the procuring and sale of dog meat in the July of 2020. But it was met with severe criticism in the state and several petitions were filed against this step. And after hearing one such petition, the Kohima Bench of the Gauhati High Court stayed the decision of the state government to ban dog meat.

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