Assam: 93rd Annual Session of the Srimanta Sankardeva Sangha Begins

25-30 lakh devotees to gather, follow Srimanta Sankardev's teachings at 3-day event
Srimanta Sankardev Sangha
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GUWAHATI: The 93rd annual convention of the Srimanta Sankardeva commenced at the Srimanta Sankardev Samannay Khetra, situated on approximately 1,500 bighas of land in Hatikhala field within Rangia, Kamrup district, on Friday.

Estimated 25-30 lakh devotees of the neo-Vaishnavite saint Srimanta Sankardev are anticipated to assemble and follow his teachings during the three-day event.

The yearly gathering of the Srimanta Sankardeva Sangha serves as a symbol of unity, surpassing distinctions of religion, caste, and creed.

Taking place in Maranjana village, the event exemplifies the strength of communal accord, attracting followers from diverse backgrounds, including active participation from Muslim villagers in the proceedings.

The sessions have evolved into a paradigm of community service, with all tasks undertaken by volunteers of the Sangha. More than a hundred thousand handwoven gamosas, representing the traditional Assamese values of respect and hospitality, were generously donated by participants.

The spiritual allure of the event transcends national boundaries, drawing 130 devotees from diverse countries. This international congregation mirrors the universal appeal of Srimanta Sankardev's teachings, resonating with those who seek peace and harmony worldwide.

The gatherings also serve as a stage for intellectual exchange, featuring discussions and seminars on different facets of Srimanta Sankardev's teachings and their contemporary significance. Additionally, the event generates funds for multiple philanthropic endeavors, such as education, healthcare, and disaster relief, epitomizing the ethos of service and compassion central to the Sangha's mission.

As the 93rd annual session of the Srimanta Sankardeva Sangha unfolds, it serves as a poignant reminder of Srimanta Sankardev's timeless wisdom and his enduring message of unity, community service, and spiritual development. In a world frequently fractured by divisions, this assembly provides a ray of hope, showcasing the transformative potential of love, respect, and unity.

Srimanta Sankardev Sangha
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