Assam: All 2051 Families From Gurukhuti Eviction Drive Will Be Relocated To Dalgaon LAC

All 2051 families in the Garukhuti project area will be shifted to Dalgaon Revenue Circle in a phased manner. A committee has been formed to execute the entire process.
Assam: All 2051 Families From Gurukhuti Eviction Drive Will Be Relocated To Dalgaon LAC

GUWAHATI: The Assam government has announced its major decision about the Dalgaon eviction issue by informing that all the families that are already evicted and those families about to be evicted from the area of the Garukhuti project will be relocated to Dalgaon LAC.

In a statement, the Circle Office of Dalgaon revenue circle stated that Deputy Commissioner Darrang mentioned that an eviction drive was carried out at Garukhuti on 21 and 23 September last year. The DC also wrote in the statement that there are few families still residing in the Garukhuti project area and measures will be taken to relocate all families.

The statement further mentioned that a total of 2051 families who were encroaching government the land area that falls under Garukhuti Project Area will be shifted to the Dalgaon Revenue Circle.

The shifting of the families will be carried out in a phased manner. In the first phase, out of the 2051 families, a total of 633 will be shifted and others in the later phases.

423 families among the 633 will be first shifted and these are the families residing in parts of the Nizsalmara area and parts of No. 1 Dhalpur.

After the 423 families are relocated completely, the shifting will be soon carried out for the 210 families that are at present residing in the south bank of the Brahmaputra stream. These are the families that have earlier left the places voluntarily.

Each family will get one bigha of land after they are shifted as per the government instruction. It is informed that following the relocation process of households, all the 2051 families will be moved to 2051 bighas of land area that will fall under Dalgaon Revenue Circle.

Meanwhile, to bring the proposed work in function and complete the shifting of families, a committee has been made by the concerned authorities.

The committee will take the complete responsibility to relocate the families in pre=determined lands accordingly and peacefully without any disturbance.

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