Assam: Assamese language Included as Regional Language Option in CAPF Recruitment Exams

Empowering Local Youth and Promoting Linguistic Diversity
Assam: Assamese language Included as Regional Language Option in CAPF Recruitment Exams

ASSAM: In a major step towards integration and regional representation, the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) personnel exams will now offer Assamese as one of the 13 optional regional languages.

The announcement made by Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday marked a major change in the recruitment process. For the first time in history, professional police aspirants aiming to join elite forces like CRPF, BSF and CISF will get a chance to take the recruitment test in Assamese regional language along with 12 other languages besides Hindi and English.

With effect from January, 2024, the resolution passed aims to encourage ands identify the local youth to become more involved in the Central Armed Police Force in order to celebrate and promote the rich languages ​​of the country. This move will greatly affect candidates in Assam as well as adjacent regions and it gives them the chance to take the exam in their mother tongue that enhances understanding and performance.

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) that conducts police recruitment tests, has scheduled the exams to be conducted from February 10 to March 7 in 128 cities across the country. The initiative fosters equal employment opportunities and honours the cultural and linguistic heritage and diversity of the country.

The decision to include Assamese language as an optional language in CAPF examinations of personnels correctly reflects the commitment of the government to empower the communities and to ensure the access to opportunities for all irrespective of language.

Hence this crucial and important step by the central government opens the door for numerous aspiring youth in the country to fulfill their dream of serving in the Central Armed Police Force in their mother language making it easier for them to grasp the knowledge of the questions in one go.

It fosters the inclusion in diversity and provides equal opportunities for all citizens. It alsostrengthens the relationship between the communities and CAPF for serving the strength of their promises.

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