Assam: Attempted Kidnapping of 10-Year-Old Boy Foiled in Jorhat District

Seleng Tea Estate residents on high alert as child escapes from unidentified kidnappers.

GUWAHATI: A 10-year-old boy narrowly escaped an attempted kidnapping late Tuesday night in Seleng Tea Estate, located in Mariani, Jorhat district. The boy, son of Ram Singh Bhumi, had attended a marriage party with his parents earlier that evening. Upon returning home, the child stepped outside to use the toilet, when he was suddenly seized by three unidentified miscreants.

According to reports, the kidnappers, who arrived in a Maruti Van, gagged the boy with a cloth and fled the scene, driving approximately 20 kilometers to an undisclosed location. During the journey, the child lost consciousness but later regained it while the vehicle was stationary. Seizing the opportunity, he managed to escape and made his way back home.

Ram Singh Bhumi recounted the terrifying ordeal to the media, describing his son's harrowing experience. "My son was unconscious when he was kidnapped. He managed to come out of the car when they halted. While we were searching for him, I saw him returning home. We only learned about the kidnapping after he arrived."

The attempted kidnapping has sent shockwaves throughout the Seleng Tea Estate, leaving residents on edge and demanding swift action from the authorities. Local police have intensified their efforts to apprehend the suspects and ensure the community's safety.

The incident occurred around midnight, soon after the family returned from the marriage party. The boy's quick thinking and bravery in escaping from the kidnappers have been praised, but the community remains anxious as the perpetrators are still at large.

Police is working tirelessly to gather clues and leads that could help track down the miscreants. The police have urged residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

The safety of children has become a concern for the local community, which is now advocating for increased security measures and patrolling in the area to prevent such incidents in the future.


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