Assam: Crackdown on Counterfeit Packaged Water Syndicate in Hailakandi

Hailakandi administration takes action against fake water market; ADC Tridib Ray leads operation at Rabindra Mela.
Assam: Crackdown on Counterfeit Packaged Water Syndicate in Hailakandi

HAILAKANDI: In a significant move to curb the menace of counterfeit packaged water, the Hailakandi administration, under the leadership of ADC Tridib Ray and officials from the Food and Civil Supplies Department, conducted a targeted operation at various stalls in the Rabindra Mela. The crackdown comes in response to escalating complaints about the rampant sale of adulterated water posing health risks to unsuspecting consumers.

During the operation, alarming discoveries were made as several counterfeit water bottles, prominently adorned with stickers from two or three different companies, were found. Some brands even resorted to selling low-quality water in bandaged packets with counterfeit stickers, a blatant attempt to deceive consumers. All the confiscated adulterated water bottles were promptly seized as part of the ongoing crackdown.

The Food and Civil Supplies Department, determined to hold those responsible accountable, has collected statements from several businessmen. In a decisive move, a case has been filed against Pannalal Debnath, a resident of the adjacent Topkhana area near Hailakandi town. The charges include tampering with water bottles, manipulating manufacturing dates, compromising seals, and engaging in other deceptive practices without proper authorization.

ADC Tridib Ray shed light on the prolonged existence of the syndicate involved in the production and distribution of counterfeit packaged water in Hailakandi. Following the surge in complaints specifically related to the Rabindra Mela, today's operation was initiated to crack down on the illicit trade. Ray emphasized the potential health risks associated with consuming such fake water products, underlining the need for stringent measures to safeguard public health.

The Food and Civil Supplies Department has been instructed to diligently pursue legal actions against all water producers and suppliers found guilty of engaging in these deceptive practices. The crackdown serves as a stern warning to those involved in the counterfeit water syndicate, signaling the administration's commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the citizens of Hailakandi. As investigations unfold, authorities are expected to delve deeper into dismantling the broader network of the illicit trade in counterfeit packaged water.

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