Assam: Massive Rath Yatra Taken Out in Itakhola

Citizens unite for harmony as MLA Padma Hazarika leads Rath Yatra in Itakhola, celebrating Ram Mandir.
Assam: Massive Rath Yatra Taken Out in Itakhola

ITAKHOLA: In a remarkable display of communal harmony, the Itakhola locality witnessed a grand Rath Yatra celebrating the construction of the Ram Mandir. The event, graced by MLA Padma Hazarika as the chief guest, brought together citizens from both Hindu and Muslim communities, sending a powerful message of unity and brotherhood.

The procession, which commenced at the auspicious Sri Sri Radha Krishna Mandir, traversed through the heart of Itakhola, attracting a diverse crowd of enthusiastic participants. MLA Padma Hazarika, a prominent figure in the region, led the procession with fervor, symbolizing the inclusivity of the celebration.

The Rath Yatra, a vibrant display of cultural richness, showcased the essence of coexistence as citizens from various backgrounds joined hands to mark the historic moment. With religious fervor and a spirit of togetherness, the procession weaved through the streets, resonating with chants and prayers for a harmonious society.

One of the highlights of the event was the convergence of Hindus and Muslims, side by side, participating in the celebrations. This collective display of unity not only emphasized the shared cultural heritage but also served as a testament to the peaceful cohabitation of diverse communities in the region.

The route of the Rath Yatra culminated at the scenic Dikarai River, where a serene atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for the concluding rituals. The participants, filled with a sense of camaraderie, engaged in prayers and rituals, further solidifying the bonds of unity that the event sought to promote.

Arrangements were made for refreshments at various points along the route. This thoughtful gesture added a touch of hospitality to the celebration, creating an atmosphere of joy and shared festivity.

MLA Padma Hazarika, expressing his gratitude towards the enthusiastic turnout, emphasized the significance of such events in fostering unity and understanding among different communities. He lauded the joint efforts of citizens in making the Rath Yatra a memorable and inclusive occasion for everyone involved.

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