Assam: Customs Seize Nearly 28 kg of Ivory in Assam in a Major Wildlife Smuggling Bust

In a significant breakthrough against wildlife smuggling, the customs department in Assam has confiscated close to 28 kilograms of ivory and apprehended a suspect involved in the illicit trade.
Assam: Customs Seize Nearly 28 kg of Ivory in Assam in a Major Wildlife Smuggling Bust

GUWAHATI: In a major victory against wildlife smuggling customs department in Assam has seized nearly 28 kilograms of ivory. They also arrested an individual suspected of involvement in illegal trade. Acting on intelligence officers from Customs (Preventive) HQ in Shillong swiftly moved to Biswanath Chariali in Assam. They intercepted a suspect carrying four cut pieces of ivory from Indian (Asian) Elephants (Elephas maximus). Total weight of confiscated ivory was 27.992 kilograms.

The customs (north eastern region) office headquartered in Shillong stated that elephant tusks are classified under Schedule I of Wildlife Protection Act (WLPA) of 1972 making their possession and trade illegal. Consequently ivory was seized under Section 50 of WLPA and the case has been handed over to wildlife authorities for further investigation.

The operation which was supported by police in Biswanath district and forest officials in Assam. It highlights the enhanced authority granted to customs officers by recent amendments to WLPA. These amendments, effective from April 1 2023. They have bolstered ability of customs officers to combat domestic illegal wildlife trade more effectively.

The Commissionerate of Customs (Preventive), North Eastern Region has made several significant wildlife seizures over past year. These include 68.87 kilograms of pangolin scales. Also 11.536 kilograms of Ambergris (whale vomit). 360 grams of elephant tusk. Protected exotic species such as hornbills, flame bowerbirds and baby orangutan. These operations were conducted across Meghalaya, Mizoram and Assam showcasing extensive efforts to tackle wildlife crime in region.

"Customs remains steadfast in its commitment to combat wildlife crime including cross-border trafficking. And endeavors to collaborate closely with various law enforcement agencies in this" the customs department stated in communique. This latest seizure underscores department's dedication to preserving wildlife and curbing illegal trade activities.

This seizure not only reflects effectiveness of customs department's intelligence. The collaboration between customs and police. Forest officials demonstrate unified front against illegal wildlife trade aiming to protect endangered species and uphold law.


Assam: Customs Seize Nearly 28 kg of Ivory in Assam in a Major Wildlife Smuggling Bust
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