Assam: Cyber Cell Arrests 14th Suspect in Land Scam, Including Government Officials

Assam Police crackdown on a vast land scam in Guwahati, arresting 14, including government officials.
Assam: Cyber Cell Arrests 14th Suspect in Land Scam, Including Government Officials

GUWAHATI: In a significant development, the Cyber Cell of the Assam Police apprehended Juri Sharma, a junior assistant at the Panikhaiti Revenue Circle in Kamrup Metro district, for her alleged involvement in the land acquisition inaccuracies in Guwahati. This arrest brings the total number of individuals detained in connection to the sprawling land scam to 14.

The ongoing probe, led by the Crime Branch, has been meticulously targeting various players in the fraudulent land acquisition scheme. Government employees, land brokers, and a purported kingpin of the land mafia have all been ensnared in the web of investigations.

Among those previously apprehended is Nitul Das, an assistant sub-registrar from the office of the deputy commissioner, who was taken into custody on November 29. His arrest is linked to discrepancies discovered in land registrations within Guwahati. Das now finds himself in a 10-day police custody as the investigation unfolds.

Furthermore, the Crime Branch's relentless pursuit of justice has led to the arrest of five government employees implicated in the processing of forged documents at the Dispur Revenue Circle in Guwahati. These individuals, integral to the alleged orchestration of the land scam, have been remanded to a seven-day police custody.

The wide-ranging implications of this illicit operation have prompted authorities to cast a broad net, uncovering a network that exploits the intricacies of land acquisition processes. The arrest of Juri Sharma sheds light on the involvement of personnel even at the junior assistant level, emphasizing the depth of the malfeasance.

The complexity of the investigation indicates a systemic issue that extends beyond individual bad actors. As the Cyber Cell and Crime Branch intensify their efforts, the scale and impact of the land scam in Guwahati continue to unravel, revealing a disturbing web of corruption within government offices and the broader land management system.

As the legal proceedings progress, the Assam Police remain committed to unearthing the truth behind this intricate web of deception, bringing all responsible parties to justice and restoring faith in the integrity of land acquisition processes.


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