Assam: District Administrative Employees Unite in Non-Cooperation Movement for Long-Pending Demands

Assam's Hatsingimari witnesses non-cooperation movement by district employees for fair pay and administrative reforms.
Assam: District Administrative Employees Unite in Non-Cooperation Movement for Long-Pending Demands

HATSINGIMARI: The District Employees Association of South Salmara Mankachar spearheaded a comprehensive non-cooperation movement today at the Hatsingimari District Commissioner's office, marking the first day of a two-day program celebrated across Assam. The initiative, aimed at addressing the persistent demands of the All Assam District Administration Employees Association, unfolded with fervor and determination.

The core demands put forth by the employees are multifaceted, reflecting their longstanding concerns and aspirations. Foremost among these is the plea for a separate salary structure for district administrative staff, acknowledging the unique challenges and responsibilities they shoulder. Additionally, the call for substantial grade pay rates and the creation of posts for superintendents and mathematicians underscores the need for recognizing and rewarding specialized skills within the administrative framework.

The demand for an increased number of Chief Assistant positions further emphasizes the necessity of strengthening the administrative structure at its core. Simultaneously, the movement advocates for the abolishment of the National Pension System (NPS) in favor of reintroducing the Old Pension Scheme (OPS), a sentiment shared passionately by the participating employees.

The employees united in their cause, have embarked on an agitation program to secure a 3 percent additional salary for those advocating their demands. This reflects a collective push for immediate and tangible results, underlining the seriousness with which the employees view the resolution of their concerns. The demands put forth reflect not only the immediate concerns of the employees but also a broader call for recognition, respect, and fair compensation for their invaluable contributions to the functioning of the district administration.

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