Assam: The AASU Gold Cup Volleyball Competition kicked off at Biswanath

Biswanath witnesses an exciting two-day volleyball showdown as districts from across the state compete at Kamalakanta Kshetra.
Assam: The AASU Gold Cup Volleyball Competition kicked off at Biswanath

BISWANATH: In an initiative led by the Biswanath Unit of AASU, the AASU Gold Cup Volleyball Competition kicked off today at Kamalakanta Kshetra, Biswanath. Collaborating with the Biswanath Sub-Divisional Students Union, Biswanath Chariali Regional Students Union, and residents, the two-day event witnessed spirited participation from volleyball teams representing various districts of the state.

The opening ceremony was graced by AASU General Secretary Shankarjyoti Baruah and international volleyball player Mithilesh Kumar Singh of Dehradun. The All Assam Students' Union (AASU) flag was hoisted by Utpal Sharma, following which the ceremonial lamp was lit and garlanded by General Secretary Shankar Jyoti Baruah. The air resonated with music performed by local women artists and captivating dance performances by national troupes.

The inaugural match was inaugurated by veteran player Biren Bhagwati, setting the stage for intense competition among the participating teams. However, amidst the spirited sportsmanship, AASU President Utpal Sharma expressed concerns over the sluggish progress in the investigation into the death of Jonmani Rabha. He lamented that the people of Assam were disheartened by the delayed inquiry and emphasized the need for a swift resolution.

President Utpal Sharma took the occasion to criticize the Chief Minister's apparent lack of a visit to Jonmani Rabha's house, deeming it unfortunate. He contrasted this with the speedy investigation into a fake gold case, pointing out the absurd nature of the government's response. Sharma questioned the transparency of the inquiry, highlighting the media's extensive coverage and subsequent silence on the matter once out of the public eye. He criticized the media's handling of the fake gold case, questioning its pace of the investigation. He underscored the irony that while the media fervently covered the developments, the details seemed to fade away once the spotlight shifted.

As the AASU Gold Cup Volleyball Competition unfolds, it serves not only as a platform for sportsmanship but also as a backdrop for voices advocating for a swifter and more transparent resolution to pressing concerns, embodying the intersection of sports and societal issues in Biswanath.

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