Assam: Guwahati Municipal Corporation Honors Late Satish Chandra Baruah with Inauguration of K K Bhatta Road Bye-Lane

Freedom echoes as K K Bhatta Road welcomes the inauguration of Late Satish Chandra Baruah Path, paying tribute to a valiant freedom fighter.
Assam: Guwahati Municipal Corporation Honors Late Satish Chandra Baruah with Inauguration of K K Bhatta Road Bye-Lane

GUWAHATI: In a ceremony held on February 8, 2024, the Guwahati Municipal Corporation bestowed a significant honor upon the memory of Late Satish Chandra Baruah, a distinguished Freedom Fighter, by inaugurating the bye-lane in K K Bhatta Road, Chenikuthi, in his name. The event witnessed the presence of Mr. Mrigen Sarania, Mayor, Kamrup Metropolitan, and Mr. Kamal Chandra Lahkar, Secretary Kamrup and State Treasurer, Asom Freedom Fighters’ Association, alongside several esteemed dignitaries from the Freedom Fighters’ Association.

Late Satish Chandra Baruah, born on April 3, 1903, in Hajo, demonstrated his commitment to the cause of freedom from an early age. After completing his L P Level education in 1910, he moved to Guwahati and enrolled in MCME Uzan Bazar, later joining Cotton Collegiate High School, Panbazar, Guwahati, in 1913. His matriculation in 1918 marked a significant academic milestone.

In 1921, Late Satish Chandra Baruah decided to forego his studies and became an integral part of the Non-Cooperation movement. His dedication led to an arrest with a three-month sentence under section 17(1) C.L.A. He holds the distinction of being a certified and recognized freedom fighter of the State of Assam, a fact documented in the Secretariat records.

The inauguration of Late Satish Chandra Baruah Path is a fitting tribute to his sacrifices and contributions to the Indian freedom struggle. The Guwahati Municipal Corporation's decision to commemorate his legacy underscores the importance of preserving the stories of brave individuals who pivotally shaped the nation's history.

This momentous inauguration not only unveils a physical tribute but also symbolizes a collective commitment to remembering and honoring those who played a pivotal role in the struggle for independence. As the city embraces this historic lane, it fosters a sense of reverence for the past and encourages the present generation to reflect on the valiant efforts of freedom fighters like Late Satish Chandra Baruah.

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