Assam: IPS Officer Anand Mishra Attached to Headquarters, Aparna N Takes Charge as Lakhimpur SP

Superintendent Anand Mishra is attached to headquarters, paving the way for IPS officer Aparna N to assume the role of Lakhimpur SP.
Assam: IPS Officer Anand Mishra Attached to Headquarters, Aparna N Takes Charge as Lakhimpur SP

GUWAHATI: In a significant administrative move, the Assam Government's Home Department issued an order on Thursday, announcing the attachment of IPS Officer Anand Mishra to the Assam Police headquarters in Ulubari, Guwahati. The order, effective immediately, transfers Mishra from his previous role as the Superintendent of Police (SP) in Lakhimpur district. This transfer is to remain in effect until the formal acceptance of his resignation from the Indian Police Service and subsequent relief from duty.

The official order, referencing the department's letter eCF No: 429948 dated 17.01.2024, states, "In the interest of public service and in pursuance of this Department's letter, Shri Anand Mishra, IPS (AM:2011), Superintendent of Police, Lakhimpur is transferred and attached to Assam Police Headquarters till relieved from Indian Police Service after formal acceptance of his resignation."

Following Mishra's resignation, the responsibility of Lakhimpur's Superintendent of Police has been entrusted to IPS officer Ms. Aparna N. Her previous role was as the principal of Lachit Barphukan Police Academy in Golaghat's Dergaon. The government order appointing Ms. Aparna N reads, "In the interest of public service, Ms. Aparna N, IPS (AM:2014) Principal, Lachit Barphukan Police Academy, Dergaon, is transferred and posted as Superintendent of Police, Lakhimpur vice Shri Anand Mishra, IPS transferred."

This reshuffling is part of the routine administrative adjustments made for the efficient functioning of the police force. Such changes ensure that officers are placed in roles that align with their skills and experience. The attachment of Anand Mishra to the headquarters in Guwahati provides an opportunity for the incoming leadership, represented by Ms. Aparna N, to take charge in Lakhimpur.

The new Superintendent of Police, Ms. Aparna N, brings her experience from serving as the principal of Lachit Barphukan Police Academy, showcasing a diverse skill set that can contribute to the law enforcement efforts in Lakhimpur. The smooth transition is aimed at maintaining the continuity of law and order in the district.

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