Assam: Khowang Music School Shines at National Global Theater Festival in Cuttack, Odisha

Khowang students triumph at Global Theater Fest, clinching awards in Satriya, Bihu, dance, and music.
Assam: Khowang Music School Shines at National Global Theater Festival in Cuttack, Odisha

MORAN: Khowang Music School from Moran left an indelible mark at the national-level Global Theater Festival held in Cuttack, Odisha. A group of 14 students showcased their exceptional skills and brought home multiple awards, making their mark in various disciplines, including Satriaya, Bihu, modern dance, and music.

The festival, which attracted a diverse array of artists from across the country, served as a platform for participants to exhibit their prowess in different performing arts. The Khowang Music School students, under the guidance of their mentors, not only participated enthusiastically but also emerged victorious in several categories, reinforcing their commitment to excellence in the world of performing arts.

Among the standout performers, Rupjuoti Baruah received special recognition, being bestowed with the prestigious Natya Shri title. This accolade not only honors Baruah's achievements but also highlights the overall success and caliber of the Khowang Music School contingent. The Natya Shri title is a testament to Baruah's dedication and skill in the realm of performing arts.

The Khowang students showcased their versatility by excelling not only in traditional forms like Satriya and Bihu but also in contemporary disciplines such as modern dance. This diverse range of achievements underscores the comprehensive training provided by the music school and the student's ability to navigate various genres with finesse.

The Global Theater Festival in Cuttack served as a melting pot of cultures and artistic expressions, providing a unique platform for artists to exchange ideas and showcase their talents. The participation of a substantial number of artists from different corners of the country contributed to the festival's vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

The success of Khowang Music School's students is a testament to the dedication of both the learners and their mentors. It not only brings laurels to the school but also adds another chapter to the rich cultural tapestry of Moran. The awards in Satriya, Bihu, dance, and music affirm the school's commitment to nurturing well-rounded artists capable of excelling in a variety of disciplines.

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