Assam: PM Modi Set to Unveil Majestic Lachit Borphukan Statue at Lachit Maidam Cultural Project

Assam's Lachit Maidam project nears completion; PM Modi to unveil 125-ft bronze statue in February.
Assam: PM Modi Set to Unveil Majestic Lachit Borphukan Statue at Lachit Maidam Cultural Project

TEOK: In a momentous event scheduled for February, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is poised to inaugurate the much-anticipated Lachit Maidam Cultural Project in Holongapar, Jorhat. The cultural extravaganza, a significant undertaking by the Government of Assam, boasts a staggering cost of approximately Rs. 150 crores.

The heart of this initiative is the imposing 125-foot-high bronze statue of the legendary Bir Lachit Borphukan, a valiant figure in Assam's history. This colossal masterpiece stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and valor of the region.

Situated at the historic Lachit Maidam, the cultural project has been progressing at a remarkable pace, resembling a construction frenzy. The meticulous efforts invested in this venture aim to create a lasting tribute to the iconic Lachit Borphukan, celebrating his contribution to the nation.

The high bronze statue, a central element of the project, has already been completed, casting a watchful gaze over the surrounding landscape. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that the statue captures the essence of Lachit Borphukan's legacy in all its glory.

The Lachit Maidam Cultural Project is more than just a monument; it stands as a symbol of unity and pride for the people of Assam. As the finishing touches are applied to this grand endeavor, anticipation and excitement ripple through the community.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's presence at the inauguration will undoubtedly add a momentous touch to the event. The unveiling of the 125-foot-high bronze statue is set to be a spectacle, marking the culmination of collective efforts and dedication.

As we approach the unveiling in February, the Lachit Maidam Cultural Project stands as a beacon of cultural resurgence, a manifestation of the rich heritage that defines Assam. The grandeur of the bronze statue, set against the backdrop of Jorhat promises to be a sight to behold, encapsulating the spirit of Lachit Borphukan for generations to come.

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