Assam: Lumding Police Foil Illegal Bird Hunting Operation in Forest, Three Arrested

Police nab three miscreants attempting illegal bird hunting in Lumding forest; seize gun and hand over to Forest Department.
Assam: Lumding Police Foil Illegal Bird Hunting Operation in Forest, Three Arrested

LUMDING: In a swift and commendable operation, Lumding police successfully apprehended three miscreants engaged in illegal bird hunting during a routine patrol in the Lumding forest on Friday morning. The vigilant police team not only thwarted the illicit activity but also managed to seize a firearm from the possession of the culprits.

The arrested individuals, identified as Sagar, Aman, and Rahul, were residents of the Lumding RPSF colony. The trio had brazenly ventured into the forest to hunt wild birds, pose a threat to the local avian population and violating wildlife protection laws.

The Lumding police, actively patrolling the forest to ensure its conservation and prevent unlawful activities, spotted the miscreants in the act. Without hesitation, the team swiftly moved to apprehend Sagar, Aman, and Rahul, preventing further harm to the wildlife in the region.

During the arrest, a thorough search of the miscreants' belongings led to the discovery of a firearm, further escalating the severity of their offenses. The illegal possession of a weapon in conjunction with wildlife violations raises concerns about the potential dangers these individuals posed not only to the bird species but also to the safety of the forest and its inhabitants.

In addition to the firearm, the police also discovered five lifeless birds of different species in the possession of the apprehended miscreants. The evidence points towards a premeditated and organized effort to exploit the forest's wildlife for personal gain.

The Lumding police acted responsibly by promptly handing over Sagar, Aman, and Rahul, along with the confiscated firearm and dead birds, to the Forest Department. This cooperative effort ensures that the legal authorities can take appropriate action against the culprits in accordance with wildlife protection laws.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement in preserving and safeguarding natural habitats. It highlights the importance of continued vigilance and proactive measures to protect wildlife from illegal activities that jeopardize the delicate balance of ecosystems.

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