Assam: Massive Marijuana Seizure in Guwahati; Rs 10 Crore Worth Contraband Intercepted, 2 Arrested

Special Task Force Cracks Down on Drug Trafficking Operation, Unearths 4000 kg of Marijuana
Assam: Massive Marijuana Seizure in Guwahati;  Rs 10 Crore Worth Contraband Intercepted, 2 Arrested

ASSAM: In a significant development in the ongoing war on drugs, a special task force led by STF chief Partha Sarathi Mahanta managed to intercept a truck loaded with marijuana in Guwahati on January 24. Marijuana hidden in raw rubber bottoms from a neighboring country to the north. The value of the seized consignment is estimated at a whopping Rs 10 crore. An STF team, vigilant to crack down on drug-related activities, found the illegal substances during a routine raid in Beharbari, Guwahati.

The dealers had cleverly hidden the marijuana inside the raw rubber, highlighting the lengths of time these criminal enterprises go to evade law enforcement Raju Sharma, 46, a resident of Bihpuria in Lakhimpur district and Biswajit Das, 29, a resident of Lakhipur under Cachar district, were arrested in connection with the transportation of large quantities of drugs. The arrests were an important step in dismantling the drug trafficking network operating in the area.

The seizure of marijuana worth Rs. 10 crore reflects the economic magnitude of the illicit trade which poses a serious threat to public health and safety. Promising to eradicate drug menace, the STF immediately sent the arrested persons to jail. Legal proceedings have been initiated against Raju Sharma and Biswajit Das to ensure that they face consequences for their alleged involvement in illegal drug trade.

The successful operation not only underscores the effectiveness of the STF in combating drug-related activities but also serves as a stern warning to those engaged in such illicit enterprises. The law enforcement agencies remain steadfast in their commitment to uprooting drug networks, safeguarding communities, and maintaining the public order.

This latest development in Guwahati underlines the need for law enforcement agencies to remain vigilant and make concerted efforts to curb the menace of drug trafficking to ensure a safe and healthy society for all tough.

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