Assam: Tragedy Strikes Dhullie Tea Estate as Massive Fire Engulfs Homes in Biswanath

Blaze at Dhullie Tea Estate destroys homes; residents escape unharmed.
Assam: Tragedy Strikes Dhullie Tea Estate as Massive Fire Engulfs Homes in Biswanath

BISWANATH: In a devastating incident on Monday night, a fierce fire ravaged the Dhullie Tea Estate in Biswanath, leaving two quarters reduced to ashes. The calamity, reportedly triggered by a neglected candle, unfolded swiftly, consuming everything in its path.

The inferno, which erupted from a residence where a candle had been left burning, proved disastrous for the occupants. Fortunately, swift action and a stroke of luck allowed the residents to escape the raging flames, although their possessions within the houses succumbed to the merciless fire.

Tragically, the family members of Suresh Sabar, grappling with a disconnected power supply, resorted to using candles for illumination. Little did they anticipate that this makeshift arrangement would lead to such a catastrophic outcome.

As the fire gained momentum, engulfing the quarters in its fiery embrace, panic spread among the residents. Distraught and helpless, they watched as their homes succumbed to the merciless blaze. The loss of personal belongings and cherished possessions added a layer of emotional distress to an already harrowing situation.

The community's plea for assistance reached the Fire and Emergency Services, prompting a swift response. Firefighters, equipped with the necessary tools and expertise, arrived promptly at the scene, working tirelessly to contain the blaze and prevent its further escalation.

The firefighters managed to curtail the fire's advance, sparing nearby structures from the same fate. The relief on the faces of the residents, though mixed with grief, reflected gratitude for the timely intervention that prevented a more extensive catastrophe.

The aftermath of the fire reveals a stark reminder of the vulnerability faced by communities, especially when essential services are disrupted. The incident emphasizes the importance of safety measures and preparedness to mitigate such tragedies.

As the community begins the challenging process of rebuilding, questions about the circumstances leading to the power disconnection and the necessity for alternative lighting sources come to the forefront. The authorities are urged to address these concerns, ensuring that the residents of Dhullie Tea Estate receive the support and resources needed to recover from this unfortunate event.

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