Assam: Neglect and Irregularities Plague Birshing Jarua ICDS Project in South Salmara

Scandalous neglect in Gaon 38's Anganwadi center prompts demands for government intervention.
Assam: Neglect and Irregularities Plague Birshing Jarua ICDS Project in South Salmara

SOUTH SALMARA: In a distressing revelation, the Birshing Jarua ICDS Project in South Salmara faces severe allegations of negligence, raising concerns about the welfare of students at the first phase of the porch center in Gaon 38. Mehrun, the worker stationed at the Dhubri camp, has been entrusted with the responsibility for eight years but appears to have overlooked the critical needs of the young learners.

Local complaints and grievances from parents have fallen on deaf ears, as Mehrun seemingly remains indifferent to the demands of the community. The center, established to enhance the lives of students, is marred by reports of irregularities and a lack of attention to the educational needs of the children.

Despite being stationed at the Dhubri camp for eight years, Mehrun's carelessness is evident in the irregular presence of students at the center. Food and supplies, distributed in meager quantities, highlight a self-satisfied attitude that fails to address the core issues affecting the educational experience of these young minds.

Shockingly, after eight years of operation, students at the center are still deprived of essential textbooks, hindering their academic growth. Complaints from concerned parents have revealed a concerning trend – blaming the class teacher or the center itself for the failure to deliver textbooks.

Local residents and parents are now demanding urgent intervention from the government to rectify the situation. They argue that the educational life of all students at the 38th Anganwadi Center is at stake, and immediate action is imperative. Frustrated with the lack of responsiveness from Mehrun and the center, parents are taking their plea to the media, seeking to raise awareness about the dire conditions their children face.

The community's outcry underscores the urgent need for an investigation into the operations of the Birshing Jarua ICDS Project in South Salmara. As the spotlight intensifies on Gaon 38's Anganwadi center, the government is urged to take swift action to address the concerns raised by parents and ensure the educational well-being of the students is not compromised any further.

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