Assam: NHRC Conducts Two-Day Camp Sitting in Guwahati, Addresses Human Rights Violations in Northeast India

NHRC's camp sitting in Guwahati tackles 56 cases of human rights violations in the Northeast, emphasizing the importance of partnership with NGOs effective change.
Assam: NHRC Conducts Two-Day Camp Sitting in Guwahati, Addresses Human Rights Violations in Northeast India

GUWAHATI: In a significant move to address human rights violations in the Northeastern states, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) recently organized a two-day camp sitting in Guwahati, Assam. Chaired by Justice Arun Kumar Mishra, the commission heard a total of 56 cases during this event, concluding on Friday.

The camp sitting provided a platform for the commission to address pending cases and complaints related to various human rights issues. Notable cases included alleged arbitrary land division in Arunachal Pradesh, a reported rape incident in Assam, and negligence-related deaths and injuries during railway construction in Manipur.

Key attendees at the camp sitting included NHRC members Dr. DM Mulay and Rajiv Jain, secretary general Bharat Lal, registrar (law) Surajit Dey, and other senior officers. The commission interacted with concerned officers from the Northeastern states during the proceedings.

After hearing the cases, the NHRC engaged with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and human rights defenders (HRDs) who raised concerns about human rights violations in the region. The commission acknowledged and commended the valuable work being done by these organizations and encouraged them to continue their efforts without fear or favor.

The interaction concluded with the recognition that sustained collaboration between NGOs, HRDs, and NHRC would significantly contribute to strengthening the human rights regime in the country. NGOs and HRDs were informed about the process of filing complaints of human rights violations through

Furthermore, the commission held a meeting with chief secretaries and DGPs of the states, urging them to submit action taken reports on advisories issued by NHRC on various issues such as mental health, police encounters, bonded labor, and more. State governments were also directed to enhance infrastructure in State Human Rights Commissions (SHRCs) and expedite the filling of vacant positions for efficient SHRC functioning.

The NHRC, committed to promoting awareness of human rights issues at the grassroots level, briefed the media about the outcomes of the camp sitting. The commission emphasized the importance of wider dissemination of information on human rights issues and actions taken.

With a history of conducting camp sittings across various states since 2007, the NHRC remains dedicated to providing prompt justice to victims of human rights violations. The recent camp sitting in Guwahati underscores the ongoing efforts to address and rectify human rights challenges in the Northeastern region.


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