Assam: Police Arrest Suspected ATM Theft Gang in Rangia

Assam Police apprehend a gang of five in Rangia, Kamrup district, for ATM thefts and other crimes.
Assam: Police Arrest Suspected ATM Theft Gang in Rangia

GUWAHATI: In an operation led by Assam Police, a significant breakthrough occurred in Rangia, Kamrup district, as a notorious gang of five individuals believed to be involved in a series of ATM thefts and various other criminal activities was apprehended. Rangia, located approximately 60 kilometers from Guwahati city, became the focal point of this remarkable police effort, which led to the successful arrest of the accused.

The arrests came following crucial intelligence inputs that had been diligently collected and analyzed by the police. The suspects were identified as Razzak Ali, Rafiq Ahmed, Daithun Boro, and Dufang Boro, each of whom had been actively participating in a range of criminal activities. The arrests took place in the Ghagrapar area of Rangia, where the gang had apparently been operating.

While primarily known for their involvement in ATM thefts, these individuals were found to have a track record of engaging in various other petty crimes within the district. During the search operation, the police discovered several stolen items in their possession, further substantiating their involvement in criminal activities. This raises concerns about their impact on the local community and the need to bring them to justice.

Notably, this gang is believed to be part of a larger, more extensive inter-district criminal network that has been operating in the region for an extended period. The police are now actively pursuing an investigation to uncover the full extent of their involvement in criminal activities across the region, shedding light on the magnitude of their illicit operations.

This operation serves as a testament to the dedication and diligence of the Assam Police in maintaining law and order. It showcases their commitment to making the region a safer place for its residents. The apprehension of these suspects is a significant step toward dismantling the criminal infrastructure that has plagued the region, instilling hope for a more secure and peaceful community.

As the investigation progresses, the authorities aim to bring these individuals to justice and uncover any potential connections to other crimes in the area. This incident stands as a reminder of the tireless efforts of law enforcement in their pursuit of ensuring safety and security for the citizens of Kamrup district and the broader region.


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