Assam Police Crack Down on Illegal Gambling; Two Notorious Gamblers Apprehended by Dhing Police

Assam Police arrests long-time offenders, Maniruddin and Eman Ali, in a successful operation against illegal gambling.
Assam Police Crack Down on Illegal Gambling; Two Notorious Gamblers Apprehended by Dhing Police

DHING: In a decisive move against illegal gambling, Assam Police successfully apprehended two notorious gamblers in a targeted operation conducted in the region. The individuals, identified as Maniruddin and Eman Ali, have been accused of engaging in illicit gambling activities for an extended period.

The operation, spearheaded by the newly assigned Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Dhing Police Station, Tushar Jyoti Bora, marks a significant step in the ongoing efforts to curb unlawful activities in the area. The law enforcement team exhibited commendable efficiency in executing the operation, bringing the alleged miscreants to justice.

Maniruddin and Eman Ali, the individuals involved in the illegal gambling circuit, were taken into custody as part of the police's crackdown on such activities. The arrests have been met with approval from the local community, as the duo's activities have reportedly been a persistent concern.

During the operation, the police team seized various items commonly associated with gambling, underscoring the extent of the illegal activities in which the suspects were involved. Additionally, a substantial amount of cash was confiscated from the arrested individuals, further highlighting the economic aspect of the illicit operations.

The successful outcome of the operation can be attributed to the strategic leadership of OC Tushar Jyoti Bora, who, since his recent posting, has demonstrated a commitment to maintaining law and order in the region. The decisive action taken against Maniruddin and Eman Ali sends a clear message to other potential offenders that illegal activities will not be tolerated.

Residents have expressed relief at the police's proactive measures, emphasizing the importance of such operations in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community. As the legal proceedings against the arrested individuals unfold, the Dhing Police Station under OC Tushar Jyoti Bora continues its vigilance against criminal elements, contributing to the overall security of the region.

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