Assam: Police Crack Rhino Poaching Case at Kaziranga; Poacher Arrested with Recovered Horn and AK Rifle

Assam: Police Crack Rhino Poaching Case at Kaziranga; Poacher Arrested with Recovered Horn and AK Rifle

Assam Police apprehends suspect, retrieves poached rhino horn and weapon in a major victory for wildlife protection.

GUWAHATI: In a significant development at Kaziranga National Park, Assam, law enforcement has successfully cracked the recent rhino poaching case, apprehending the responsible poacher just four days after the discovery of an adult female rhino carcass with a missing horn. Superintendent of Police (SP) Golaghat led the investigative team that made the breakthrough, and the arrest was confirmed by Director General of Assam Police (DGP) GP Singh on Saturday.

The accused poacher is now in custody, and the police have successfully recovered both the stolen rhino horn and the AK Rifle used in the poaching incident. DGP GP Singh praised the investigative team, highlighting their outstanding efforts in resolving the case swiftly. He commended SP Golaghat and the entire team for their commitment to protecting the one-horned rhinos of Kaziranga.

"In an outstanding investigation, a team led by SP Golaghat cracked the case of recent rhino poaching at @kaziranga_. Poachers have been arrested along with the recovery of the poached horn and the AK Rifle used in the poaching. Some more recoveries are yet to be made along with the reconstruction of the Crime Scene. Compliments to the entire team and supervisory officers. Our commitment to protect One-horned Rhinos is unwavering," posted DGP GP Singh on X.

This incident marked the first rhino poaching case reported in Assam for the year 2024. The adult female rhino carcass, discovered on January 22 at Kaziranga National Park, was found by the forest staff of the Maklung anti-poaching camp under Kaziranga’s eastern Agoratoli Range during routine patrolling duty.

Assam Police's swift action underscores their commitment to protecting endangered species, particularly the one-horned rhinos that inhabit the revered Kaziranga National Park. Further investigations are underway, with additional recoveries expected as the authorities reconstruct the crime scene to ensure justice is served. With the arrest of the poacher and the recovery of the stolen horn and weapon, this success serves as a significant stride in wildlife conservation efforts.

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