Assam: Yoga Showcase Marks Republic Day at Nagaon Central Jail

Prisoners embrace Yoga's transformative power in the Republic Day event at Nagaon Central Jail.
Assam: Yoga Showcase Marks Republic Day at Nagaon Central Jail

NAGAON: In a remarkable display of dedication to well-being, prisoners at Nagaon Central Jail demonstrated their commitment to holistic health through a yoga showcase organized by the Arogya Care Foundation under the National AYUSH Mission, Assam. The event, held on the auspicious occasion of Republic Day 2024, not only celebrated the nation's sovereignty but also emphasized the profound impact of yoga on the lives of inmates.

The program was enriched by a compelling speech delivered by Rupjyoti Kar, who eloquently commemorated Republic Day while shedding light on the significance of yoga for those behind bars. Mr. Kar's words resonated as he highlighted the potential for transformation and self-improvement that yoga offers to individuals seeking rehabilitation.

Guided by the expertise of Yoga Instructor Mr. Dipesh Dey, the inmates showcased resilience and self-improvement through the practice of yoga. Their unique display not only added a poignant touch to the Republic Day celebration but also underscored the rehabilitative potential that activities like yoga can bring to correctional environments.

The event was graced by the esteemed presence of key personalities, including Smti Monica Missong, Secretary, District Legal Service Authority, Nagaon; Smti Prarthana Neog, Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate; and Smti Lipika Roy, Civil Judge Junior Division cum JMFC, Nagaon, among others. The participation of Tapash Kr. Bhuyan, Superintendent of Central Jail Nagaon, and other jail authorities further highlighted the collaborative effort to promote well-being within the prison community.

The guests' presence added significant value to the Republic Day celebration, fostering a sense of community and justice within the correctional facility. Smti Bulbuli Sarmah, Deputy Legal Aid Defense Counsel, Nagaon, acknowledged the importance of such initiatives in creating a positive impact on the lives of incarcerated individuals.

As the yoga demonstration unfolded, the inmates' commitment to self-improvement was palpable, sending a powerful message of hope and resilience. The Republic Day celebration at Nagaon Central Jail transcended the conventional boundaries of incarceration, emphasizing the transformative potential that activities like yoga hold for individuals seeking redemption and a renewed sense of purpose.

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