Assam: Railway Protection Force Cracks Down on Violators During Security Drive

RPF's stringent action against railway norm violators near Chaparmukh junction in response to rising incidents.
Assam: Railway Protection Force Cracks Down on Violators During Security Drive

CHAPARMUKH: In a move to address escalating security concerns, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) at Chaparmukh undertook a comprehensive security drive on Monday, targeting individuals flouting railway norms. The initiative, led by Inspector Mukesh Kumar Rajak and his team, aimed to curb the growing instances of stone pelting on running trains reported in the area, between Chaparmukh junction and Thekeraguri railway station.

The heightened vigilance by the RPF follows a series of disturbing incidents, prompting authorities to take immediate action to ensure the safety and security of railway operations. Inspector Mukesh Kumar Rajak, heading the operation, emphasized the need for strict enforcement of railway regulations to prevent untoward incidents that not only endanger passengers but also disrupt the smooth functioning of the railway network.

During the security drive, three individuals were apprehended for violating railway norms. The offenders, whose actions posed a potential threat to both passengers and railway infrastructure, were promptly prosecuted under the relevant sections of the Railway Act. This decisive action sends a clear message about the zero-tolerance approach adopted by the RPF in dealing with those who disregard the safety protocols.

The RPF personnel also took a proactive step in community engagement by organizing an awareness campaign in the Dighaliati area. The campaign targeted villagers, aiming to educate them about the dangers associated with trespassing on railway tracks, unauthorized alarm chain pulling, stone pelting, and the risks posed by cattle grazing in proximity to railway tracks.

The collaboration with the local community underscores the importance of creating awareness and fostering a sense of responsibility among residents. By addressing the root causes of safety violations, the RPF seeks to build a safer environment for both railway operations and the neighboring communities. As railway authorities continue to prioritize passenger safety, these decisive actions and community engagements serve as crucial steps in curbing violations and ensuring the secure and efficient operation of the railway network.

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