Assam: School Principal Arrested for Accepting Bribe in Nagaon District

Shocking arrest in Nagaon as school principal is caught red-handed accepting a bribe.
Assam: School Principal Arrested for Accepting Bribe in Nagaon District

GUWAHATI: In a shocking turn of events, the Principal (In-charge) of Kaoimari Higher Secondary School in Nagaon, Assam, found himself ensnared in a corruption scandal, leading to his arrest on Thursday. The arrest followed a complaint filed with the Directorate of Vigilance & Anti-Corruption, alleging that Bulbul Choudhury, the accused principal, had demanded a bribe of Rs. 3,000 from a complainant. The bribe was allegedly sought in exchange for updating the complainant's service book and issuing an order for a time scale increment.

The complainant, unwilling to succumb to the demands of the corrupt official, promptly reported the incident to the directorate, seeking legal action against Choudhury. Responding to the complaint, a vigilant team from the directorate orchestrated a trap at Kaoimari Higher Secondary School.

In a meticulously planned operation, Choudhury was apprehended red-handed in the act of accepting Rs. 1500 as a partial payment of the bribe demanded. The arrest unfolded in the presence of independent witnesses, adding credibility to the evidence gathered against the principal. The tainted bribe money was promptly seized from Choudhury's possession, further solidifying the case against him.

A case has been formally registered under Section 7(a) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, as amended in 2018. This legal action is indicative of the commitment to upholding integrity and combating corruption within educational institutions.

The arrest of Bulbul Choudhury serves as a stark reminder of the persistent issue of corruption that can permeate various sectors, even in places meant to foster education. The incident underscores the importance of robust anti-corruption measures and the need for a vigilant citizenry to expose and combat such malpractices.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the educational community in Nagaon grapples with the implications of this scandal. The case highlights the broader challenges in maintaining ethical standards within educational institutions and the crucial role of anti-corruption agencies in safeguarding the integrity of the education system.

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