Assam: Security Forces Apprehend Militant Operative in Joint Operation in Cachar District

Joint operation in Assam's Cachar district results in the arrest of a Manipur-based militant.
Assam: Security Forces Apprehend Militant Operative in Joint Operation in Cachar District

GUWAHATI: In a coordinated effort between Assam Rifles and Assam Police, an active member of the Manipur-based United Tribal Liberation Army (UTLA) was successfully arrested in Assam's Cachar district. The apprehended militant, identified as 26-year-old Henlenmang Lhouvum and a resident of Manipur’s Senapati district, was taken into custody during a joint operation conducted on Sunday evening. The operation unfolded in Lakhinagar, falling under the jurisdiction of the Jirighat Police station area, based on specific intelligence.

During the arrest, law enforcement seized a pistol and a magazine loaded with five rounds of live ammunition from Lhouvum. According to Numal Mahatta, the Superintendent of Police for Cachar district, the suspect is currently undergoing interrogation, and a case has been filed against him under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The strategic collaboration between Assam Rifles and Assam Police aimed to address potential security threats posed by militant activities in the region. The arrest has raised concerns among authorities, leading them to explore the possibility of other members of terrorist groups infiltrating Cachar district. Investigators are actively probing any larger plans or coordinated actions that the apprehended individual and potential accomplices may have been plotting.

The geographical proximity of Assam’s Cachar district to Manipur’s Jiribam district has historically made it susceptible to the infiltration of cadres affiliated with Manipur-based militant organizations. This is not the first instance of security forces successfully apprehending individuals linked to such outfits in this region.

The joint operation underscores the ongoing efforts of security forces to combat insurgent activities and maintain law and order. Authorities are determined to thwart any potential threats emanating from extremist groups by employing intelligence-driven operations and collaborations between different branches of the security apparatus.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are emphasizing the need for vigilance and cooperation to ensure the safety and security of the region. The arrest of Henlenmang Lhouvum serves as a testament to the proactive measures taken by security forces to curb militancy and maintain peace in the volatile border areas between Assam and Manipur.


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