Assam: South Salmara Unites Against Social Evils in a Powerful Awareness Campaign

Local community rallies against narcotics, child marriage, and child labor, led by Officer Tilak Chandra Rai.
Assam: South Salmara Unites Against Social Evils in a Powerful Awareness Campaign

SOUTH SALMARA: In a resounding effort to address social issues, the people of South Salmara came together at the South Salmara Auditorium for a comprehensive awareness campaign. Spearheaded by Officer Tilak Chandra Rai of the South Salmara Police Station, the event garnered significant participation from diverse fields within the locality.

The campaign focused on highlighting and combating various social evils, including the rampant use of narcotics, child marriage, and child labor. Officer Tilak Chandra Rai played a pivotal role in orchestrating the event, demonstrating a commitment to fostering positive change within the community.

The South Salmara Auditorium, the venue for this impactful initiative, buzzed with enthusiasm as local residents gathered to address the prevalent issues plaguing their society. The auditorium echoed with discussions, presentations, and testimonials, creating an atmosphere of shared concern and determination.

Officer Tilak Chandra Rai, known for his dedication to community welfare, collaborated with local bodies to organize this crucial campaign. His leadership was instrumental in bringing together a diverse group of participants, including concerned citizens, community leaders, and representatives from various professions.

The event served as a platform for open dialogue, allowing attendees to share their experiences, insights, and proposed solutions. The exchange of ideas fostered a sense of unity among the participants, reinforcing the collective resolve to eradicate social evils from the fabric of South Salmara.

Speakers at the campaign addressed the harmful consequences of narcotics use, the detrimental impact of child marriage on young lives, and the urgent need to eradicate child labor for the overall well-being of the community. The presentations were accompanied by real-life stories, adding a personal touch to the awareness drive.

Local people, inspired by the cause, actively engaged in discussions and pledged their commitment to building a safer and more responsible community. The campaign, beyond just raising awareness, aimed to catalyze tangible action and community-driven initiatives to address these social issues at their roots.

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