Assam: State Will Not Shut Schools With Zero Passing Students

Instead of closing them, these schools will be motivated to perform better in future.
Assam: State Will Not Shut Schools With Zero Passing Students

GUWAHATI: As an update to a previous announcement, the education department has decided not to close down the schools which did not have any students passing in the class ten exam.

When the Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma announced the closure of the non-performing schools in the state in the month of August this year, protests erupted in several of these schools. The decision also faced severe criticism from Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of New Delhi. The state government had issued a list of a total of 34 distributed across the state which was decided to be closed down as they could not produce a single student who could pass the matriculation exams.

The new announcement from the department has come as a relief to not only the teachers employed in these schools but also the students who were studying there. Most of these schools are located in rural regions of the state and students in the regions hardly have any other viable option in their localities. Some of them even lack the basic infrastructure needed for the school to run while others have less than adequate teachers compared to the number of students. Now the government has decided to motivate these schools to perform better in the coming session instead of closing them.

"The zero passout schools won't be closed. They have been asked to improve the results. We are motivating the teachers to perform better," mentioned Mamata Hojai, the director of secondary education.

The Karbi Anglong district which recently faced a dengue outbreak tops the list with a total of 7 schools in this category and more than 500 students are supposed to appear for the board examinations this year from these 34 schools.

The education department also announced a new format for the matriculation exams today. The new format makes the examination easier for students as well as faster to check for the invigilators.

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