Assam: Supreme Court Collegium Recommends Two Senior Advocates as Gauhati High Court Judges

Assam: Supreme Court Collegium Recommends Two Senior Advocates as Gauhati High Court Judges

On October 17, the Supreme Court Collegium recommended Unni Krishnan Nair and Kaushik Goswami as Gauhati High Court judges.

GUWAHATI: In a significant development, the Supreme Court Collegium has made recommendations for the appointment of two senior advocates, Unni Krishnan Nair and Kaushik Goswami, to serve as judges of the Gauhati High Court. This recommendation follows a careful and thorough evaluation process that began with the Gauhati High Court Collegium's initial proposal on May 29.

The decision-making process was characterized by extensive consultations with constitutional authorities from the states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, and Nagaland, all of which fall under the jurisdiction of the Gauhati High Court. Additionally, the Collegium sought the perspectives of judges at the apex court who were well-versed in the affairs of the Gauhati High Court. The Union Department of Justice's inputs were also taken into account to ensure a comprehensive assessment.

Notably, despite an adverse observation from the Department of Justice concerning Unni Krishnan Nair's personal integrity, all four consultee-judges unanimously expressed a positive opinion on his suitability for the role. The Collegium cited his extensive legal practice, which was exemplified by his substantial professional income and the numerous reported judgments associated with his name, as a compelling reason for his recommendation. This underscores the Collegium's faith in his legal acumen and ability to serve as a valuable addition to the Gauhati High Court's bench.

Kaushik Goswami also received favorable reviews from the consultee judges, and his integrity remained unquestioned throughout the assessment process. Consequently, the Collegium wholeheartedly recommended him for the position of a Gauhati High Court judge, reflecting the belief that he possesses the necessary qualities to serve the judiciary with distinction.

This significant recommendation by the Supreme Court Collegium emphasizes the critical role it plays in the appointment of judges, ensuring a careful evaluation process that takes into account various perspectives and aspects of a candidate's professional background and personal integrity. As these recommendations move forward, they will have a lasting impact on the Gauhati High Court and the legal landscape in the northeastern region of India.


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