Assam: Transport Minister Parimal Shuklabaidya Completes 5,000 Km Bike Ride to Boost Road Safety Awareness

Minister Parimal Shuklabaidya's 2-month bike odyssey across Assam aims to reduce road accidents through widespread awareness.
Assam: Transport Minister Parimal Shuklabaidya Completes 5,000 Km Bike Ride to Boost Road Safety Awareness

HAILAKANDI: In a remarkable initiative to promote road safety and reduce accidents, Parimal Shuklabaidya, the Minister of Transport, Excise, and Fisheries of Assam, completed a 5,000-kilometer bike ride over the last two months. The biking campaign, organized by the Transport Department, aimed at fostering awareness and minimizing road accidents throughout the state.

Minister Shuklabaidya traversed every legislative constituency in Assam, holding comprehensive road safety awareness sessions at various locations, including schools, colleges, universities, markets, bus stands, and office premises. Today marked a significant milestone as he reached the Algapur Constituency of Hailakandi District, concluding the exhaustive journey that covered all 126 constituencies.

During the road safety awareness meeting in Algapur, Minister Parimal underscored the alarming statistics of road accidents in Assam, emphasizing the critical need for increased awareness to address this pressing issue. He shared that in the past year alone, 3,296 lives were lost in road accidents in the state, a concern shared by Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma.

In an exclusive interview following the event, Minister Parimal highlighted the commitment of the Transport Department to tackle this issue head-on. The bike rally, which commenced on November 19, 2023, served as a comprehensive awareness campaign covering the entire state and culminating in Algapur today.

Minister Parimal Shuklabaidya faced numerous challenges during this extensive bike ride, including attending crucial cabinet meetings en route. The journey demanded relentless bike riding from 1 AM until 1:30 AM daily, covering an impressive 200-300 kilometers. Despite being a 63-year-old minister, Parimal actively participated in essential tasks of the Transport Department, even signing documents while on the move. He asserted that the collective effort through this biking initiative has empowered him to spearhead a transformative movement for road safety.

This extraordinary commitment and initiative by Minister Parimal Shuklabaidya not only underscores the gravity of the road safety issue in Assam but also set an inspiring example of dedication and leadership in addressing such critical challenges. The conclusion of the 5,000-km bike rally signifies a significant step towards creating a safer road environment for the people of Assam.

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