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Assam Women Commission Slams Ajmal And Issues Notice Against His Recent Sexist Comment

Assam Women Commission demands reply from Badaruddin Ajmal regarding his sexist and misogynistic comment on Hindu population

Assam Women Commission Slams Ajmal And Issues Notice Against His Recent Sexist Comment

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GUWAHATI : As a reaction to Badaruddin Ajmal's sexist comment on Hindu population, the Assam State Commission for Women issued a notice on 8th of December to AIUDF Chief, Badaruddin Ajmal. The commission expressed how offensive Ajmal's statement was.

The letter termed his comment as sexist, misogynistic and unethical. The Commission also demanded Ajmal to revert back within three days, if not then he owe the commission a face to face conversation. On 2nd December, Badaruddin Ajmal made a regressive comment, targeting the Hindu women.

He stated that, Hindu women should get married by the age of 18 years just like the muslim community. While speaking to the media, AIUDF chief mentioned that, Muslims get married as per the law of the constitution. The girls get married at the age of 18 and the boys at 21. But Hindus choose not to marry till 40 years just to enjoy illegal relationships with 3 wives.

The Hindus continue with multiple partners till the age of 40. They alienate themselves from starting a family and concentrate only in making more money. After they reach the age of 40, they decide to get hitched. Ajmal questions the Hindu women about their choice of life as continued by asking that how the Hindus expect to have babies at such an old age. If you a sow a seed on fertile land, only then it will grow into a plant, added Badaruddin Ajmal.

Ajmal was trolled all over social media platforms for his extremely sexist comment. As a result , on 4th December, Ajmal apologised and explained that he had no intention of hurting anybody's sentiment. However, he sticked to his view of population control. Right after the comment was passed, Congress leader, Bobita Sharma questioned the Assam Women Commission for maintaining silence against Badaruddin's statement.

She further demanded arrest of Ajmal for his verbal action under relevant IPC sections. Apart from that, Assam's BJP Minister Pijush Hazarika, slammed Ajmal and backfired him by asking, what should the one learn from Muslims?

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