'Commercialization of Bihu culture has affected its original form'

The commercialization of Bihu culture has affected its original form.
'Commercialization of Bihu culture has affected its original form'


LAKHIMPUR: "The commercialization of Bihu culture has affected its original form. Bihu dance is not a combination of some meaningless postures. They have deep significance and they express special meaning. At present, many songs have been composed following the note of the Bihu naams which do not have a rhyme in words and profound meaning. They should not be used in place of Bihu naams. No delusion, confusion should take place centering round the original form of the Bihu culture," said Dr Amarendra Gogoi, the Bihu expert and researcher in Lakhimpur.

Dr. Gogoi said so while taking part in 'Mahtor Atithi' programme, initiated by North Lakhimpur Press Club (NLPC) on Sunday evening. The programme was held under the management of NLPC secretary Karuna Krishna Nath. It was chaired by president Kumud Baruah.

Amarendra Gogoi was born at Nakari of North Lakhimpur town on December 5 in 1946 to Dambarudhar Gogoi and Prabhawoti Konwar Gogoi. He is a retired Veterinary Officer who worked at various places in the State of Arunachal Pradesh till 2004. As a Bihu expert and researcher, Dr. Gogoi is well-known for his two volumes of a book named 'Bihu Namor Borpera' along with 'Bihur Tatwa aru Aitijya', 'Bihu Nam Efaki Gaon', 'Bihu Name Ringiyai Mate' and other 3 books on Bihu. He is also a dramatist, writer of several books on different subjects. In the programme, Dr. Gogoi delivered an analytical lecture on Bihu culture comparing its past and present. He threw light on the changes in the culture concerned in the course of time. He appealed to the people of the State to preserve its tradition in its original form as the future identity of the Assamese community. In the event, North Lakhimpur Press Club honoured Dr. Gogoi by felicitating with phoolam gamosa and a citation as an appreciation for his contribution to the community.

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